Sunday, September 4, 2011

Anti-Federalist and Federalist

In the Federalist document, James Madison believes that the country should be ruled by one government, broken off to several different departments, or governments for all thirteen states.  The government would rule all of the social classes and make them weak, even the wealthy would be considered weak. The Anti-Fedarlists believe that there should be one government for all thirteen states without a confederation.  They would still abide by the constitution since it is the supreme law of the land, but also have laws for all of the states so they can discuss what needs to be amended.
I thought it was very interesting reading both articles, especially the Anti-Federalist article!  When they talk about how we need a Supreme Court to help make new Laws for the country. I also noticed how they wanted a State Supreme Court for each state when there are state conflicts.  It also mentions that all citizens should follow the laws, for each state and for the United States.  It's very interesting reading the Anti-Federalist article because it is the way we live today.  I remember when I took United States History in high school, I learned that the Federalist government started a national bank. It did not work out because there was more of a national debt then having multiple banks. I really enjoyed reading both articles because it brought me back to my U.S. History class in high school.

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  1. Did you get some of this information clarified in class?